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Mαɠιƈαʅ Pαƚƚҽɾɳʂ

My life, took a turn in August of 2015. We took our baby and moved to “Minnesota Nice” without knowing it would be the worse nightmare you can possibly go through.

We bought a house that had a very bad air system and other issues I don’t even want to write it here or anywhere else.

Side note: make sure if you are buying a house pay extra to test for mold, pay attention to the windows. That’s all I have to say.

Anyways, I slowly got very sick and nothing would showed up in blood tests so I had to endure a lot of medical gaslighting and medical trauma, which the last one I didn’t even know existed. Fast forward and with the intention to “forgiving those years”, I went to see a therapist recommended by the doctor that diagnosed me with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. This diagnosis was a light on my way to proper treatment, but took years and was misdiagnosed many times with lupus, fibromyalgia, and of course depression. The last one(depression) is always a “given”. I also have Charcot Marie Tooth disease which is a neuropathy affecting many part of my body. Don’t get excited it gets worse but I’m not here to tell you my entire story because I’m supposed to be an “encouraging light 😜”.

This visit to the therapist would change the course of my existence for good and this is why:

In one of our sessions she opened up her closet in her office and I couldn’t believe the amount of art supplies, they looked like candy 🍭 to me.

She told me to paint my feelings that day and I was frozen. I had only painted on faces my entire life, never on paper. And when I say painted on faces is because I was a makeup artist besides being a Social worker.

Now 8 years later, I’ve learned from bed how to make Magical Patterns, and we decided to open my second nonprofit because now we are in charge of advocating and teaching all medical personnel about Compassion for patients from all walks of life” because this is what

our current society is lacking.


have kept a few real angels along this long journey and my relentless search for getting my health back. I attribute this creation to the few doctors that had never given up on me like Dr. A.N who is and has been my biggest angel. I absolutely know they were sent from my mom in heaven. My therapist off course Kim, and the love of my life my sweet husband Michael who has always believed I will be healed and has taken care of me like no one else. No doubt about it.

Who is my rock

My only son Dakota. This child of mine is the representation of God in my life. This boy is so wise it amazes me daily. His love is the medicine I need to keep fighting for my deepest dreams. He is the reason I will never give up on anything I do, and for that gift from God I will cherish forever.

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